Their Future, in Our Hands

We’re pleased to have been awarded funding to support and strengthen work in schools to help create a fairer and greener future. How will it be spent?

One of our aims is to connect and strengthen existing work in the town that puts people, place and planet first. Through our work with schools as part of our Plastic Free PZ campaign, we’ve seen a host of brilliant projects, initiatives and vision coming out of classrooms. Not just as a result of staff commitment … but directly from the children too. 

We knew we wanted to continue our work with young people and schools and take it wider than plastic pollution. We also knew that there is a shed load of amazing work already happening and we don’t want to duplicate or take over any of that. 

Over the last year or so we’ve held several school workshops on wider issues, for example working with young people to help create a transport vision for the town and also gathering feedback from children and people on what they’d like to see happen, to avert the worst effects of the climate and environment crisis we’re in. 

Now we’re super pleased to have received funding to work with all schools in PZ to better connect them, share the work they are all doing, what works, what doesn’t and identify any gaps where new amazing and impactful projects can grow. 

The most important part of this though is the kids. It’s their future after all. And that’s why they will have a central role in this six-month process; giving input, reviewing and helping us draw up a town-wide plan that every school is part of and is working towards. With each other and with support. Strength in numbers. And when you have that, you create a collective community voice that can start to bring about the change it wants to see. 

A HUGE thanks to the schools who have already worked with us. We’re looking forward to deepening the work, listening to young people and creating something that supports a better future for them. 

If you’re a teacher or a pupil and would like to know more drop us a line on 

Thanks to the Prince of Wales Charitable Trust for helping make this happen for our town.