Who We Are

Sustainable PZ is a Community Interest Company and entirely reliant on volunteer time and donations. Our four volunteer directors are all experts in their own fields, and bring a wealth of experience and local knowledge.

Rachel Yates

Born and raised in Penzance and after a few years working away, I returned home to the ocean. I’m a journalist and writer but in later years have focused on environment and community projects. I run Plastic Free PZ in my spare time and set up Sustainable PZ to build on its foundations, as I believe Penzance is in a brilliant position to do things differently. We are at a critical point in time where we need to rethink the way we live and do business. By working together I believe we can build a future that works for us all, and is in tune with the planet.

Claire Whitton
Vice Chairwoman

With most of the family grown and left the nest, we moved to Penzance from Lancashire six years ago with our youngest for a more relaxed way of life. I’ve never been busier! I worked in the NHS for 22 years before moving here. My best friend and I opened up our own business on Causewayhead and haven’t looked back. I made a point of becoming part of the business community and now Chair the Chamber of Commerce. I am a BID Director with the aim to help put Penzance back on the map while now am part of Sustainable PZ to endorse a better, cleaner environment to do it in.

Karen Warne

Born and raised in Central London, I’ve been a bean counter and number cruncher for over 30 years and have run my own accountancy practice for the last 23. I firmly believe in giving back to the community however I can, and am the Treasurer of Penzance Chamber of Commerce and now proudly a Director of Sustainable Penzance. Action on Climate Crisis and sustainability is vital to our environment and continued existence. Change is happening … from the grass roots up! Little known and quirky fact about me; I slept in the Tower of London several times when I was a child!

Jon Matthews

Locally made and passionate about what local businesses and residents can do to make a difference to our environment with a collaborative approach. 30 years as a corporate junkie and now firmly entrenched as a small business owner providing a guest house experience to Penzance’s fantastic visitors. With a passion for positive progress I can support businesses with simple sustainable changes that not only benefit the environment but also create a new market thus embedding the change. Likes: Hoovering, positivity and energy. Dislikes: Plastic & bad stuff