How Can You Help?

We’re all in this together and by working together we create a powerful force for positive and exciting change.

Be Inspired

Our changing world impacts each of us differently, and that means we can all do something! From small changes at home to trailblazing ideas and local policy victories we can create a groundswell of positive movement towards a better future.

Your Personal Action Plan

A great place to start is by finding out more about the challenges we face and looking at what you can do in your own life to contribute to a sustainable future. We’re here to help, just click below:
Personal Action Plan

Support Our Work

This is a whole community effort. We rely on volunteers and donations as we work to create a better future for Penzance, the people who live here and the planet. Find out how you can support us:

Connecting With Others

Someone once said ‘teamwork is dream work’ and – while yes that can occasionally prove a nightmare – we are stronger together!

There are so many great projects, initiatives, organisations, volunteers and people in Penzance doing AMAZING things.

From co-ordinating lift shares, growing food and cleaning up beaches to big infrastructure projects like electric transport and sustainable housing, the momentum is building.

The beauty of it is that it doesn’t just benefit the planet … it benefits us too. Our health & wellbeing, local economy and sense of community all get a boost.

And when we’re connected to each other and our surroundings … we start to protect what we love.