UK General Election: Making change happen

The next General Election is being held on 4th July 2024 – and now, more than ever, every vote counts.

But why is it so important, and why would we want to sit up and take notice? We know all too well how overwhelming it can feel when we look at the state of nature and climate in the UK and around the world; it’s an issue that can drive feelings of helplessness, and, all too often, it seems impossible to help on an individual scale.

The good news is that’s not actually true. Here at Sustainable Penzance, one of our main priorities is encouraging the local community to get involved in decision making. We have more power than we think, and the elections are a key moment where we can influence what happens next by going out and casting our vote.

What needs to change?

We already know that profit and unsustainable growth are at the root of most of the issues we face as a community. It’s why we continue to see raw sewage pumped into our seas, rising temperatures around the world and a soaring cost of living crisis.

So, if you, like us, want to put people, place and planet at the top of the agenda, this is a pivotal moment to have your voice heard. Through your voting choice, you can influence what you want to see happen where we live, and ensure our local representatives are fighting for what we need most: change.

Whether it’s the ocean and green spaces, or our own community and those who live in it, we need to make sure it’s all being looked after and restored to create a better future.

But how do I know who to vote for?

The best way to decide how to cast your vote is by doing your research. It sounds time-consuming, but it’s easier than we think and is so worth it. Just start by reading each candidate’s statement or manifesto, so you can see what is at the top of their agenda, and decide whether it resonates with your own values and hopes for the future.

Here, we’ve listed the nine candidates standing in the St Ives constituency, with links to more information on what they’re standing for (just click on their names), so you can see what they’re all about for yourself.

Labour Party – Dr Filson Ali

Green Party – Ian Flindall

Liberal Democrats – Andrew George

The Common People – John Richard Harris

Independent – Dave Laity

Reform UK – Giane Mortimer

The Liberal Party – Paul Nicholson

UK Independence Party – Jason Saunders

Conservative and Unionist Party – Derek Thomas

Plus, watch our video with some of our candidates below, highlighting their key priorities for Penzance.*

*Please note: All candidates were invited to participate in the making of this video, and you can see the full list of those standing above.

How to vote

To cast your vote on polling day, you need to head to your closest polling station with your photo ID. Your polling card (which you should have received in the post) will tell you which polling station you need to go to, and this will be open from 7am to 10pm on the big day.

Once there, you’ll be given a ballot paper containing a list of the people and parties you can vote for. Just follow the instructions on the top of the ballot paper to finish the job!

If you haven’t received your polling card yet, contact your local Electoral Registration Office as soon as possible.

Please note, postal votes must be sent with enough time to arrive with the elections team at your local council by 10pm on polling day to be counted. If you forget to post it, you can take it to your local polling station on the 4th July.

What happens next?

The hard work doesn’t end on polling day. Part of our mission at Sustainable Penzance is working to create a thriving town for the future in the face of climate and ecological breakdown. It’s the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.

How we vote now is vital – but, once the results are in, we need to then work with our elected representatives to make real change. That means holding them to account and trying to do what we can as a community to be part of the solution.

Keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be sharing our top tips on how to engage your elected MP in the coming weeks, and don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay tuned for our latest updates.

Penzance’s Plastic Free Champions Shine

Penzance’s Plastic Free Champions Shine

What a night! We’re still on a high after Penzance’s 2024 Plastic Free Champion Awards at The Exchange last Friday night. Almost 150 people came together to celebrate those businesses dedicated to creating a sustainable future for our community.

And my goodness what a night it was, showcasing the commitment and passion of our local champions.

The gallery was buzzing as over 40 businesses, their friends and family arrived for a night of food, drink and dancing. It was an honour to be able to get so many of our trailblazing businesses in one place to say thanks for all their hard work and give out the 2024 awards.

We have over 135 Plastic Free Champions in the town. You can see them all here.

On the night we wanted to welcome the latest businesses to join the movement as well as those going above and beyond. PZ Mayor Stephen Reynolds came along to do the honours, reflecting the great support we’ve had off PZ Council over the years to help us reduce single use plastic in the town. So, who won what?

The town’s latest Plastic Free Champions are:  

  • The Art Café
  • Join
  • Seven Stones
  • The Flowerhouse
  • Knickerhood
  • The Copper Fox
  • Pickle
  • Holbein House
  • Zennor Wild

Surfers Against Sewege Plastic Free Champion - Gold award to Raine Studios certificate and plaque.


The Plastic Free Champion award from Surfers Against Sewage recognises businesses who are taking the first steps to be plastic free. They can then go on to get a Silver and Gold award. The Gold award recognising those businesses at the top of their game and being as single use, plastic free as they possibly can be.

We’re super proud that we have our first three Gold Champions in the town …

  • Hannah Humpston Jewellery
  • Newlyn Fermentary
  • Raine Studios

… although we know many, many more businesses have achieved the award and we’re now working with them to apply to SAS.

Special Awards 2024

We then had some special awards to recognise businesses in the community who are either going above and beyond or are actively helping us to raise awareness.

Plastic Free Hero – went to Whits & Bay Café for their commitment to being single use plastic free. That includes a concerted effort to ditch disposable coffee cups through a refill scheme which extends as far as local workers being able to take their own mugs in for coffee, and repurposing Golowan Cups for refillable smoothie cups.

Plastic Free Kickstarter – went to Thornes Fruit and Veg for providing an accessible and affordable first rung into plastic free food shopping. Yes, they still seal things in plastic but it’s also a brilliant shop where you can choose to do your fruit and veg shop plastic free, and even refill your milk bottles, rather than buy supermarket plastic wrapped fruit and veg.

Plastic Free Community Ally – went to Pocketful of Stones for going above and beyond on their plastic free actions (think stainless steel re-useable straws) and supporting our Plastic Free PZ Winter Film nights, free of charge to enable as much fundraising as possible for local causes.

Areial view of the Jubilee Pool in Penzance.

Plastic Free Awareness – went to the Jubilee Pool for their support of Swimming in Plastic last summer. That saw us fill the pool with a days’ worth of single use water bottles used by the town (8,000) – and local synchro group, Out Of Sink, did a synchronised swim in them. No mean feat – especially when a summer storm meant the whole thing had to be re-arranged for the day before planned at last minute! But worth it, as the resulting images when viral and gained national coverage highlighting the continuing plastic pollution crisis we’re in.

Plastic Free Tourism – went to Blue Seas Guesthouse who have been a Champion since the early days of the Plastic Free PZ campaign and quietly smash it in terms of showing how the town walks the talk to visitors. From baking their own bread to making yoghurt and not having any single use plastic in rooms, they’re a shining example.

Public Choice Award – 16 Plastic Free Champions were shortlisted for the Public Choice award which went to the vote on social media in the days leading up to the event. There is a lot of love out their for our local champs for sure! But there was one clear winner – we think the gorgeous cakes help too – and we were chuffed to award Baked PZ the Public Choice award. Especially after they baked over 100 free cakes for the award goody bags on the night.

Plastic Free School – finally, we wanted to recognised the next generation of business owners who are showing adults the way forward. Every primary school in Penzance is signed up to SAS Plastic Free Schools but one particularly stood out over the last year and that was Newlyn School. From hosting a brilliant plastic pollution assembly to collecting copious amounts of plastic bottles for us for the Jubilee Pool.

Children at Newlyn School.

Thanks to SK8PZ, Pure Nuff Stuff, Archie Browns, Cornish Seal Sanctuary, SAS, Polgoon Vineyard and Merlin Cinemas for providing gifts for the award winners.

Once the awards were handed out, we were able to showcase the launch of our brand-new Sustainable Penzance Business Hub. The hub is a tool to support businesses on their sustainable journey with free toolkits and resources as well as free events, workshops, training and sustainability consultancy.

It came about after the Together for Our Planet programme last year as was created in collaboration with local businesses, including the creating of a local business action plan for the town. You can find out more and sign up here and look out for our next blog post with more info too.

For now… a massive thanks to all the volunteers, The Nelwyn Gallery & Exchange team, Whole Again Communities, Baked PZ and Groove Lounge who donated their time and resources to make such a memorable Plastic-Free Champion Awards 2024.

This community is nothing short of amazing!

Penzance’s Plastic Free Champion Awards are back

Never mind the BAFTAs, the hottest awards night is right here in Penzance. It’s been five years since our last Plastic Free Penzance awards. Five years! A lot happened in that time – including a host of amazing work in the town to reduce single use plastic at source. Our local businesses are at the forefront of that and it’s time to celebrate them again.

Celebrating our business champions 

The Plastic Free Champion Awards are our way of recognising the businesses in Penzance who actively contribute to the fight against single-use plastic. It’s a night to honour and celebrate those who have embraced their sustainability journey and made a significant impact in reducing single use plastic. We also have some special awards to honour those businesses that have gone above and beyond to put people, place and planet first, leading the change to a sustainable Penzance. 

New Sustainable PZ Business Hub Launch 

As part of the event, we are thrilled to be launching the Sustainable PZ Business Hub. Co-created by local businesses as part of Sustainable PZ’s ‘Together for our Planet’ initiative, the hub will support and empower businesses in Penzance to continue their plastic-free journey, and adopt more sustainable practices across other areas. By joining forces, we aim to create a greener and more resilient future for our town. Businesses can sign up on the night, giving them access to a host of free resources, workshops and networking to help them on their journey.  

Eat, drink and dance 

The awards presentation will start at 7pm to 9pm. There will be food from Whole Again Communities plus a bar for drinks and refreshments thanks to The Exchange team. From from 9pm Groovelounge take to the decks, with dancing til late.

Want to come along?  

If you are a business we’ll have been in touch with your VIP invite. Keep an eye out on your inbox/social media and drop us a line to RSVP. If you’re not a business you can still come and celebrate. Tickets are free – just book your spot on Eventbrite here: Plastic Free Champion Awards 2024  We can’t wait to celebrate with you. Here’s some pictures from our last awards night to get you in the mood …   Join us at the Plastic Free Champion Awards at the Exchange, Princes Street, Penzance on Friday 22nd March from 7 to 11.30pm and let’s celebrate the businesses shaping a plastic-free future, and together, let’s pave the way for a greener and more sustainable Penzance.  Book your free tickets now on Eventbrite: Plastic Free Champion Awards 2024 

We need a whole lotta bottle!

Join our Community Bottle Collection

We’re collecting as many plastic bottles as we can for a big community event in PZ with Surfers Against Sewage this summer. We want to get hold of as many used bottles as we can – and you can help!
1. Keep any plastic bottles of drinks and milk you have used
2. Wash them well in soapy water, put the lids back on and take the label off
3. When you have a bin liner full drop it off at our collection points
4. if your street gets a flyer, volunteers will come collect from you on a set day or let you know where your street collection point is
Right now we are collecting at:
  • PackSwap every Sat 10.30-12
  • Local schools – you’ll get info home soon if your school is taking part
  • Golowan Festival Weekend – look out for us!
  • Sessions Surf & Skate
  • Penwith College
  • Penzance Leisure Centre
  • Sennen Surf Centre
  • The Hypatia Trust
  • Solomon Browne Memorial Hall
Thanks to all the businesses and venues supporting already by having back room collection points for stock and staff contributions, including Jordan’s Cafe, The Hoxton Special, Pure Nuff Stuff, Whitsand Bay, The Honeypot, Waves cafe, Lavenders Deli, The Cabin, Peppercorn and Marazion Fudge Shop.
And to all the volunteers doing street collections – including the brilliant Out of Sink who will join us on 1st July to collect from Morrab Road, The prom, Alexander Road and Bay View Terrace.
If your business or venue wants to help too please message 💙
Thank you!

How to cut your vehicle’s impact on Penzance

How to cut your vehicle’s impact on Penzance

The reality of living in Cornwall is that most of us do still need a car. The reality of the climate and ecological crisis is that we need to cut traditional car travel by 85% to be anywhere near hitting Cornwall’s Carbon Neutral target of 2030.

Public transport schemes are coming through – things like reduced bus fares (the £5 Cornwall day rover and the £2.50 Penzance day ticket) and better co-ordination of bus and train timetables. Provision for cycling is improving with more shelters, the e-bike hire scheme and the Healthy Streets PZ working to create safer cycling and pedestrian routes in town.

41% of car journeys in the area are less than 5k. For those of us who are able to, choosing to walk or cycle or hop on the bus all day for £2.50 is slowly but surely becoming a more viable option.


Image: Rideon

When we do need to use the car, here are our three top tips for reducing impact, including the impact of rising fuel costs on our pockets:


  1. Grouping Journeys

We’ve all been there – popped to the shops in the car, got home and realised we need to collect a parcel. So we pop to the post office in the car. Get home … and an hour later we need to go and collect the kids or run our parents somewhere. By grouping errands, trips and the commute we can save a load of carbon and money, and save ourselves from feeling like we’re boomeranging around from one thing to the next. In this scenario it could look like picking up the parcel on the way to collect/drop off a family member and doing the shop on the way home.

It can also look like grouping car depend errands into the commute and leaving a little later or earlier. Or just listing them all in a logical order and doing a big loop of errands. Shorter stop/start journeys have the biggest impact on air quality and our wallets and our time. Why not give it a go?

Businesses: Talking to your suppliers and fellow businesses about grouping deliveries and collections can be beneficial. Grouping your own business journeys and deliveries together also helps.


  1. Car Share

Look around you when you’re out and about and notice how many cars have just one person in them. Then think about how much less traffic, fumes, hold ups and noise there would be if just two of those people hopped in together – halving the amount of single occupant cars. It used to be a luxury to own a car and neighbours and family would give lifts and share the wheels. Now it’s not uncommon for households to have two cars, or more. Everyone taking individual journeys.

See if you can build more lift shares into your life, for work, for nights out, days out, shopping trips. It won’t work all the time … but some of the time is better than nothing. Who knows, coupled with improvements to public transport, cycle safe streets and things like car clubs … we may decide we don’t need that second or third car at home.

Businesses: Carshare groups are very common in workplaces now, especially as businesses are preparing for when they have to report on their carbon emissions. What’s App groups are the easiest way to get staff connected to each other or staff from other nearby businesses. Or you could set up a shared document for people to link up in. Check out the Pasty Connection too, for short or longer journeys.

3. Eco-Driving

When we do need to drive, putting in place some really simple tweaks to the way we drive can save masses of fuel and therefore money and emissions. We did one of these courses a few years ago and you can save between 10 – 33% on fuel use and therefore costs.

We’ve taken these tips from The Energy Saving Trust and RAC and you can read up on them yourself here

  • drive smoothly, accelerate gently, decelerate smoothly and read the road ahead to avoid braking unnecessarily.
  • stopping then starting again uses more fuel than rolling.  Slow early for traffic lights or approaching a queue and you might not have to stop completely.
  • change up gear earlier – since 2014 new car models have been fitted with a gear shift indicator to encourage use of the most efficient gear.
  • save air-con for high speed driving. Open windows and don’t leave it on all the time. Running it at least once a week helps keep the system in good condition.
  • turn off your rear window heater, demister fan and headlights when you don’t need them
  • stick to the speed limit. Drive at 70mph and you’ll use up to 9% more than at 60mph and up to 15% more than at 50mph. Taking it up to 80mph can use up to 25% more fuel than at 70mph.

Businesses:  There are some great driving for business courses out there that can help you make massive carbon and costs savings on your fleet. You can also enroll staff to help them cut their commuting impact.

As always we love hearing your own tips for cutting journeys and fuel. Hop on our social media and tell us on Facebook or Instagram

Their Future, in Our Hands

We’re pleased to have been awarded funding to support and strengthen work in schools to help create a fairer and greener future. How will it be spent?

One of our aims is to connect and strengthen existing work in the town that puts people, place and planet first. Through our work with schools as part of our Plastic Free PZ campaign, we’ve seen a host of brilliant projects, initiatives and vision coming out of classrooms. Not just as a result of staff commitment … but directly from the children too. 

We knew we wanted to continue our work with young people and schools and take it wider than plastic pollution. We also knew that there is a shed load of amazing work already happening and we don’t want to duplicate or take over any of that. 

Over the last year or so we’ve held several school workshops on wider issues, for example working with young people to help create a transport vision for the town and also gathering feedback from children and people on what they’d like to see happen, to avert the worst effects of the climate and environment crisis we’re in. 

Now we’re super pleased to have received funding to work with all schools in PZ to better connect them, share the work they are all doing, what works, what doesn’t and identify any gaps where new amazing and impactful projects can grow. 

The most important part of this though is the kids. It’s their future after all. And that’s why they will have a central role in this six-month process; giving input, reviewing and helping us draw up a town-wide plan that every school is part of and is working towards. With each other and with support. Strength in numbers. And when you have that, you create a collective community voice that can start to bring about the change it wants to see. 

A HUGE thanks to the schools who have already worked with us. We’re looking forward to deepening the work, listening to young people and creating something that supports a better future for them. 

If you’re a teacher or a pupil and would like to know more drop us a line on 

Thanks to the Prince of Wales Charitable Trust for helping make this happen for our town. 

Five Steps to Cut Impact in 2023

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great time over the last couple of weeks and are feeling rested and ready for all 2023 holds.

We’re looking forward to getting stuck into more actions and events locally which help us all work together to create the kind of town and community we want for the future. One that protects, restores and puts us and our amazing environment first.

Our individual actions are so important in this. Those little things that ripple out to big impact. Not just through the actions themselves, but also in how those around us start to do the same things.

So, we’re kick starting 2023 with five simple things we can all do right now to lower our impact. Starting with…

Meat Free Mondays

It’s pretty simple. Don’t eat meat on a Monday! It’s a great way to try new, healthier dishes and with the meat industry causing 60% of all greenhouse gases from food production it’s a fab way to reduce our own contribution. Not to mention the ethics of meat production.

We’re not saying all meat is bad here. It’s industrial meat that’s the issue. And swapping to a plastic packed, industrial diet of vegan cheese and meat replacements isn’t a solution either. It’s more about thinking about where our food comes from and how it’s produced. How we eat in tune with nature. Which is what we’re built to do, and one of the reasons we’re facing a health crisis.

Read more here

Find out why going vegan isn’t a simple catch all solution here

Ditch Plastic Bottles

Yes we’re still banging on about this one. But how many of us can truly say we’ve stopped buying plastic bottles of drink?  38.5 million plastic drinks bottles are bought each day in the UK alone. Around half end up polluting the environment through incineration, landfill or directly ending up in blue and green spaces.

Recycling is important – but it’s not the solution. If we all decide not to buy plastic drinks bottles anymore it makes a huge difference. Here’s how:

  1. Drink tap water in a refill bottles
  2. If you can – invest in a Soda Stream for fizzy water and drinks
  3. If you can’t – get fizzy drinks in cans or glass bottles. Score health points by reducing the amount you buy.
  4. Refill. You can refill bottles all over town. Not just water but cleaning products, shampoo, soap, hair conditioner and more. Check out the Refill PZ map
  5. Add your voice to national calls for tighter policy on single use plastic. Find out how here

Reduce car use

Did you know? Cars create almost a quarter of Cornwall’s carbon emissions.

If we are to make any difference on air quality and at least try to mitigate some of the worst effects of climate change on our community … we need to reduce personal car useage in Cornwall by 80%. That’s huge for a rural area.

It’s OK though right? We can all swap to electric or hydrogen cars? Not such a golden bullet. Bit like veganism. It really needs a rethink on how we move around.

We need brilliant communal transport solutions and while they’re in the pipeline … we still need to get away from using our personal cars. It’s a tricky one so we’re breaking it down. Try one car-free day a week and see how you get on. How?

  1. Lift share whenever possible – maybe set up a WhatsApp group on your street or with friends & family
  2. Check out Pasty Connection for lift sharing longer journeys
  3. Use your bike or hop on an electric Beryl Bike for local journeys. Things like meetings, getting to the cinema, popping to the shops or to the bank.
  4. Use publish transport. Buses are super cheap right now. £5 to go anywhere in Cornwall and £2.50 for a PZ day rover ticket. Times are more in line with connections and train services now too
  5. Support initiatives trying to enable more sustainable ways of moving to & from and around the town. Take part in consultations. There are some really cool projects coming up for PZ, but they’ll only happen if we tell decision makers that we want them.

Wake up and smell the coffee

Seven million disposable coffee cups are used each day in the UK. 99% end up polluting environment in one way or another through incineration, landfill or being discarded. (The other 1% get recycled) Don’t get us started on compostable alternatives. They’re just as bad. So, what to do? We’re back to refill … this is an uber simple switch and it’ll also save money. All we have to do is remember a refill cup when getting a takeout drink.

Nothing more to say here. Other than it would be great to support local coffee shops rather than the chains 😊

Starting buying fruit and veg from a local grocer or farmer

‘But that’s really expensive’ we heard someone say? It actually isn’t. Supermarkets have done a BRILLIANT job of convincing us all they’re easier and cheaper. Having said that, we’re also realistic at SPZ HQ. We are busy working people with families, bills and ‘real’ life stuff to deal with too.

But, a small shift to get fruit and veg from a local supplier instead of the supermarket is totally doable and makes a big impact.

It can lower food miles, supports local businesses, we’re more likely to eat seasonally and it also reduces plastic waste. We also get more for our money on meal prep, as it kickstarts more cooking from scratch using quality home-grown produce

Here are some things you can try:

1. Check out the local grocer and farm stalls. How can you build a weekly visit into your routine?

2. Check out labels. Where has the produce come from. First and foremost opt for seasonal, local and British.

3. If you have the budget, go organic. If not – swapping to local produce is an amazing first step

4. Veg box schemes are fab and there are a few locally. It needs a shift in how we organise food prep and budget, but it’s doable and will mean we’re eating more in line with what’s actually available locally.

Read more here on food and how its impact stacks up on your plate

As always – we love your tips, ideas and insight too. Hop on to our Facebook and Insta pages to get involved.

PZ Businesses Help Build Action Plan for the Town

One reason why Sustainable PZ was created was to help pull together all the amazing work that’s happening in our town to put people, place and planet first. Our local, independent businesses are the heart of our community and have been trailblazers nationally via the Plastic Free PZ movement.

We wanted to be able to help support the ongoing journey, and thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund, we have been able to launch a six month fully-funded program for businesses in PZ.

Launching on September 30th at the Hypatia Trust, we introduced to the Together For Our Planet (TFOP) workshop and had a great turnout of local like-minded businesses.

If you’ve not yet signed up to the initiative, it’s not to late. Just click here

Energy Workshop

Our first workshop for TFOP looked at Energy, with guest speakers and experts to help unpick the energy issue: the cost to businesses and the environment, consumption levels, and what businesses can do right now to mitigate.

The point of the workshops is to look at how we can be more resilient as a business community and get acting now to avoid more challenges that at heading our way.

How much energy we use and where we get it from is key to creating a fairer, more affordable and cleaner way of living, working and doing business in PZ. So, we came together to learn more about the energy problem, see what we can do right now and help that’s available and then discussed how we can work together to create a new way forward.

A big thank you to our whole panel of experts who came and spoke on this vital issue.

Transition Penwith, AMR Consultancy, Mat Green and Kevin Smith from Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN)  

Everything discussed in the workshops goes forward to shape a toolkit for local businesses – which they will also draw up with us at the end of the workshop series.


Our next workshop focused on transport and we had guest speakers who came along to show current transport projects & plans for the town, talk about future solutions and work out what businesses can do right now to prepare for continuing rising fuel costs and a low carbon future.

Tackling the transport issue is vital, on both a global and local level. On road transport is Cornwall’s biggest carbon emitter. We have to act now to reduce emissions from traffic by 80%, if we stand a chance of hitting net zero.

So, Cornwall Council came along to go through current plans and future opportunities for the town and this was followed up with a session from RideOn e-bikes on alternatives for local businesses. That included e-cargo bikes which could be a huge win in terms of short journeys, deliveries, laundry runs and more.

Scarlet Wines gave a case study on how they’re made the switch to e cargo and electric, with brilliant results. And there was much discussion over how Penzance can continue to lead the way when it comes to creating a town that is attractive and accessible to all … not just cars.

What’s Next?

We’ll be back in the new year with workshops on Carbon Accounting and why businesses will be required by law to do it, how you can do it and what it all means. Then we’ll look at Food and Waste … before we hold sessions to pull together all the feedback and actions drawn up from businesses at the workshops into a toolkit for the whole town.

Running alongside all of this we are trialing a Carbon Dashboard with some businesses in the town, which we will also reveal the results of in the spring as we launch the new toolkit and online hub for businesses in PZ.

If you haven’t signed up yet, it is not too late… Click this link to join the fully-funded program, learn more about the challenges coming our way, how we can mitigate them and have your say on a town wide business action plan >>

Huge thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund for helping make this happen for our town and supporting businesses to be more resilient

Businesses Together for Our Planet

This September we’re launching the Together for Our Planet programme in Penzance. The six-month series of workshops, events and information for businesses, is open to all local independents and we’re chuffed to be able to fully fund it.

We’re in tough times, and the impact of economic and climate crisis will only continue.

How can we as a town work together to support each other, be more resilient and mitigate our impact on people, place and planet in the process? Contribute to a different, more effective way of doing business, one that works.

One reason why Sustainable PZ was created, was to help pull together all the amazing work that’s happening in our town to put people, place and planet first. Our local, independent businesses are the life-blood of our community and have been trailblazers nationally via the Plastic Free PZ movement. Now we want to help support the ongoing journey … together.

The National Lottery Community Fund has recognised the work we’ve already done as a town and it’s thanks to their funding we can now offer a new six-month program to local businesses – fully paid.

The idea is to look at this time of change, what it means to us here in Penzance and how we can work with it. It’s an honest and two-way conversation about the local challenges businesses face, what ‘sustainability’ means to them and what help is needed.  

There’ll be workshops and events to build awareness, with expert information and real-life examples to help local businesses make, measure and keep up achievable actions. In the process building connections and a stronger community to adapt and adjust to the social, economic and environmental problems we will increasingly face over time.

We’re also piloting a carbon dashboard for the town through the project, which businesses will be able to take part in. The culmination of the work will be the launch of a Business Toolkit for Penzance which all businesses will be able to benefit from.

It is a daunting time, but it’s also a time that is seeing PZ on the up. There’s immense pride in the town, and resilience is one of our top qualities. We’re seen as a leader on community responses to the environment crisis. Together we can continue to work on creating a thriving town that puts people, place and planet first.

Confirm your fully funded place at our launch event on 30th Sept here:

 You can sign up to the business email list to take part in the programme and get all the event info and updates here:

Our thanks to the National Lottery Together for Our Planet Fund for making this happen in our town.

Long Rock Tops the Sewage Spill Charts in 2022

St. Michael’s Mount should be looking majestic. Not surrounded by disgusting water from a sewage overflow.

Brown sewage in the water around st michael's mount These shocking photos of Mounts Bay, Cornwall were taken earlier this year. Fast forward to September and it’s revealed the Long Rock CSO has been the worst in the UK for spilling sewage into the sea so far this year.

This isn’t acceptable in the 21st Century. This is why we encourage everyone locally to download the Safer Seas App so you get real time alerts for when the pipe goes off. You can also email South West Water direct and make health reports through the app.

It’s why we also support and take part in Surfers Against Sewage campaigns on water quality to #EndSewagePollution. Find out more and email your MP here

You can also check your local water quality on the Surfers Against Sewage map here:

Lots of us grew up swimming in sh*t in Mounts Bay. 50 years on, it’s time things changed.

St Michaels mount surrounded by brown water from sewage overflows into Mounts Bay
A surfer in the sea surrounded by the sewageMounts Bay with sewage among the blue waves

📸 Thank you to Thomas for the photos.