How It Began

Sustainable PZ is an extension of the work started by Plastic Free PZ, to connect the town to a bigger vision of what a sustainable community can look like.
About Us


We’re facing big issues and big changes are coming our way as a result of climate breakdown. But we can do something about it.

We want to help build a community for the future; one that’s resilient, that works for everyone and that protects and replenishes the beautiful environment that supports us.

How Do We Work?

We work collaboratively across ten themes to create a thriving town, which puts people and planet

We need system change that focuses on wellbeing and living within the planet’s means. We
need decision makers to stand up and enable a new way forward. And every one of us needs to start
making change in our day-to-day lives.

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We’re pumping out more carbon than the world can take, and we’re decimating the planet’s natural systems to deal with it. We need to get around … but we need to do it differently.


Saving the planet doesn’t mean sending the local economy down the pan. So, let’s do things differently with a revitalised economy that is responsible, resilient and sustainable.


Knowledge is power they say. For us it’s also connection. We need to reconnect with nature, understand issues and empower & embolden the next generation to protect what they love


Creating a better future starts in our own lives. By starting small and building up there’s something everyone can do, creating a wave of positive change and a journey we’re all on together.


We are lucky to live in such a beautiful place. How do we share it so it is protected, respected and we don’t rely on a high impact visitor economy? Sustainability and resilience is key.


The eco-system is a wonderful thing, keeping all things in balance. Habitat and species loss are one of the greatest threats we face. Let’s reverse it!


From renewable sources to community energy schemes we can revolutionise the way we create and use energy, and stop lining the pockets of global polluters.


Food security is key and we are in a brilliant position to be a fully self-sustaining community using regenerative and innovative approaches to food production and distribution.


We’re creating, buying and chucking out mountains of stuff on a consumer conveyor belt. Let’s create a circular economy to stop the flow of rubbish which is choking the planet.

Decision making

We need system change that puts people and planet first. We need decision makers to stand up and enable a new way forward. We need a whole community approach, which works for everyone.


We lead a number of projects within the Penzance community. These include:

Plastic Free PZ
PackSwap PZ
Refill PZ

We are a working to support the Gardeners House  project.  We also contribute to the PZ and Newlyn Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan and were a part of Healthy Streets PZ , both as local projects which could support our Sustainable Transport Vision