Why join the Business Community?

Your business is key to creating a sustainable and resilient future for Penzance. By becoming a Business Community Member, you can access a whole host of advice and resources that support your business, the community and the planet.

Membership Benefits:

Visibility and Recognition:

  • Feature on Sustainable PZ business directories and maps
  • Promotion through social media, newsletters, articles and wider comms.
  • Use of Sustainable PZ and Plastic Free PZ logos, plaques, certificates and window cards for promotion and display.

Resources and Workshops

  • Free networking events, training and workshops
  • Access to free resources, toolkits and support.
  • Expert sessions tailored to business hub members and sector-specific needs.

Customer Trust and Loyalty:

  • Attract environmentally conscious customers.
  • Stand out as a conscious and community-minded business.
  • Build trust by showing your commitment to sustainability and avoiding greenwashing.

Community Engagement:

  • Collaborate with local projects and community initiatives.
  • Strengthen your brand’s connection with the community.
  • Work with us to support the local business community. We value your experience, expertise, feedback and ideas.

Free Sustainability Consultancy:

  • Monday to Friday email support.
  • Fortnightly drop in sessions.
  • Reduced rate deeper dives into your business

Carbon Reduction Plans:

  • Free, easy to use Carbon Calculator
  • Free Carbon monitoring sheet
  • Tiered (including free subsidised) Carbon Action Plan

In the pipeline:

Expert Consultancy Guidance: a one stop shop connecting you with sustainability experts and consultants for personalised business advice.

Carbon Dashboard: a way you can measure and see your impact through a community dashboard. Adding your actions to community-wide actions to see how collectively we are reducing carbon across the whole town.

Membership Donation

A monthly donation of £10 gives you access to all the resources, toolkits and features above.

This is a pilot project that we are building in collaboration with our local business community, so your feedback as we continue to build and grow the hub with you is invaluable. 

Your contribution also means we can offer a full year of services, while we grow to ensure the hub’s long-term sustainability. We want to be here for you for years to come. So any business signing up in 2024 will have their monthly donation fixed at £10 until the end of 2025.

 Join us to help shape a thriving future for Penzance. 

Thank you!

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Business Hub Membership