Why join the Business Hub?

Your business is an integral part of the work to create a sustainable and resilient future for Penzance. By becoming a Business Hub Member, you can access a range of benefits that support your business, our community and the planet.

Membership Benefits:

1. Visibility and Recognition:

  • Feature in our online business directory and map.
  • Promotion through our social media channels, newsletter and wider comms.
  • Showcase your work and initiatives through featured articles on our website.
  • Sustainable PZ logos, badges, and certificates to display online, through wider comms and in store.

2. Support, Resources and Workshops

  • Attend exclusive networking events, training, workshops, information events and seminars for you and your staff.
  • Resources and toolkits to help you on your own journey and to support the town’s wider business community journey.
  • Stay informed about the latest help, tips and resources.
  • Access to experts in their field through bespoke sessions for business hub members and sector specific needs.

3. Customer Trust and Loyalty:

  • Attract environmentally conscious customers.
  • Stand out as a conscious and community-minded business.
  • Build trust and loyalty through your commitment to responsible business practices and avoiding greenwashing.

4. Community Engagement:

  • Participate and collaborate with local projects and community initiatives.
  • Strengthen your brand’s connection with the local community.
  • Work with us to build and improve our work to support the local business community. We value and want to include your experience, expertise, feedback and ideas.

In the pipeline:

Expert Consultancy Guidance: a one stop shop connecting you with sustainability experts and consultants for personalised business advice.

Carbon Dashboard: a way you can measure and see your impact through a community dashboard. Adding your actions to community-wide actions to see how collectively we are reducing carbon across the whole town.

Membership Costs:

There is a minimum donation of £10 a month to access the hub, toolkits, resources and all the other features.

This is a pilot project which we are building in collaboration with you, our local business community. Your membership donation will help us provide services for a year and support the long-term viability of the hub. We are working to secure funding and income to expand the hub and its offer to the community.

Join us now and help shape a thriving future for Penzance that works for people, place and planet.

Thank you x

Business Hub Membership