Personal Action Plan

We’re working to help create a sustainable community in Penzance … and we need your help!

Right now we are in a Climate Emergency. That means we need to take collective action TODAY to have the best chance of averting irreversible changes to our planet, which threaten all life on earth.

The Hopeful Bit

We CAN do something! And it starts right now in our own homes. This page aims to help us all start reducing our eco-impact and save money at the same time. By starting small and building up there’s something everyone can do, creating a wave of positive change – and a journey we’re all on together.

How to get started: ​

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Green Guru

Here are a few pointers to help you build on your personal plan. This is not an exhaustive or complete list! But it will help you build on your initial actions and learn more about the issues, so you can decide for yourself how you’ll continue to make positive change.

Remember to check out other great work in the town here to connect with local projects and information.

Energy & Water

Resources are low. Resources are precious. Resources need respecting. We need to create energy security for our community, that doesn’t overshoot the earth’s capacity to hold us.
From using a washing line instead of a tumble drier … to reusing bath water on the garden there are so many things we can do …

Getting Around

How we choose to travel has a massive impact on emissions, pollution and bio-diversity. There are also knock-on effects for our health and wellbeing and creating truly accessible places for all.
Swapping flights for train journeys and making short journeys on foot or bike all make an impact. Find out more:

Food Security

Consumer culture has severed our connection with food. But it’s that connection that keeps us, our community and our environment nourished – in more ways than one.

For more info on sourcing food that doesn’t cost the earth, click the buttons below …

Rewilding Revolution

We can all take action to protect and support bio-diversity. You don’t have to have a garden – just a few pots can help, as well as connecting with community gardens and schemes.
Click the buttons for information and ideas on how to rewild your own little bit of paradise …

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse

We are creating, buying and throwing away too much stuff. It’s that simple. We are entwined into a consumer economy which convinces us to buy things we don’t need … at the expense of our pocket, health & wellbeing and the planet.
Click the links below for more information on living well with less …

Sustainable Living

All our actions add up and they are all interlinked. The biggest thing we can do at home is re-evaluate how we go about day to day life. Not all at once – unless you are a super hero! But bit by bit, action by action the connections become clear and achievable.
Read more info below to see how your actions can link together …

What a Sustainable Future Could Look Like

We love a positive vision of the future. And we believe it’s possible. Check out our ten themes to see how we would like to work to build a brilliant, sustainable community in Penzance.
Check the links below to see how it’s possible. Right now.

Listen in

There are some brilliant podcasts looking at how we can create sustainable communities. They also share great info on what the problems are, how to unpick them and action we can take.

Check these out for starters:

The Issues

Want to get the science? Need more information on what climate breakdown is? Got questions over the stats? Find out about the state of our natural world, discover the work that’s already happening and find out what is needed going forward here:

Have your say

Get involved with conversations about our future and how it could look. We will share consultations and opportunities here as and when they arise and link to them in your newsletter and on our platforms. Right now you can check out …