At Sustainable Penzance, we work in three ways, empowering people on their sustainability journey through Community Info & Action, encouraging Community Collaboration to strengthen the work already happening with other organisations, and finally we drive Community Decision-Making by working closely with decision makers and stakeholders to ensure that changes are made.

We appreciate that in the past year, starting a new, eco-friendly lifestyle might not have been everyone’s top priority, but as restrictions ease and we can look forward to some normality, what better time to reassess how we can keep the environment healthy, as well as our bodies. If, like many, you have been meaning to make some positive changes but don’t know where to start, then Sustainable Penzance has provided the town with a ‘Personal Action Plan’ to empower the community on their sustainability journey.

What is the Personal Action Plan?

The Personal Action Plan is a tool that was created by Sustainable Penzance in order to engage with the community. It aims to not only inspire locals on what they can do in their everyday lives to help save our environment, but also encourages them to get involved and kick start their journey. We truly believe that positive change has a rippling effect, and small tweaks in households can eventually make a big impact.

The plan offers simple ‘Starters for 10’ that we can all implement in our daily routine, such as shopping local, eating veggie for one day a week and switching to LED light bulbs, to help reduce impact on the environment.

Touching on how we can recycle and reuse, as well as reconsider our commute to work and think about plastic in the kitchen, the plan also encourages locals to spread the word and start conversations with anyone from neighbours, friends, family and work colleagues.

Why did we launch the plan in the community?

Whether you believe in the climate emergency or not, we believe that there are an abundance of other benefits that come with reducing impact, from saving money to improving health and well-being. This is why we wanted to focus our first toolkit on speaking to the community, as we believe that most importantly, the community is at the heart of driving a healthier environment.

Kick starting with the community, the toolkits will later roll out wider to schools, businesses and tourism businesses to make a positive impact on our town by working with all sectors.

How did we do it?

As we’ve mentioned before, we believe that when people and organisations work together, positive changes really do happen. In Nov 2019, Penzance Council declared a Climate Emergency and pledged amongst other things to working closely with organisations to protect land, wildlife, air, soil, and water.

Complementing each other’s work, the Council funded Sustainable Penzance so we could get our Personal Action Plan designed and printed and we worked collaboratively to ensure that the plan was sent to all homes in the town council area alongside the council’s Climate Emergency Plan. A big thank you to councillors for supporting our work and it proves that working together only strengthens our community and the place we live.

How can I get my hands on a Personal Action Plan?

Every home in Penzance, Newlyn, Mousehole, Heamoor and Gulval was posted a plan. Just hang it up at home to remind you of the small, yet important changes you can make starting now.

If would like to download more copies or see it again a copy can be downloaded via this link:

We’d love for you to spread the word or share the positive changes you are making. Follow us on @sustainablepz on Facebook and Instagram to share your efforts and find out what else is happening locally.