Decision making

We need system change that puts people and planet first. We need decision makers to stand up and enable a new way forward. We need a whole community approach, which works for everyone.

The Vision

The future is bright – the future is collaborative and inclusive.

It’s a place where decision-makers put people and planet first, and know that all things follow from that

Where we all have a say and fair representation in how, why and what decisions are made in the community.

To do that we have clear information and channels of communication and we work together with respect.

Our decision makers know that the new economy offers so much more potential and are committed to changing things for the better.

How to Help

Get involved. Use your voice and take part in what’s happening. Support the change that you want to see and fully understand how it is being managed. Read up! Doughnut Economics and Project Drawdown are a good place to start:

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