Last year Penzance embarked on a new journey. In line with Climate Emergency Declarations and subsequent action plans from Penzance Council and Cornwall Council, the town committed to act good on its sustainable travel and carbon cutting ambitions.

After presenting our Sustainable PZ transport vision to local decision makers and looking at how it complimented community feedback and requests as well as existing local transport plans, Healthy Streets was born. Read more on that here

The community-based initiative builds on local consultation and responses from the Neighbourhood Plan survey, Penzance Expo and also the Cornwall We Want forum. It’s also in response to the pressing need to cut carbon emissions and look at new ways of moving around the town. While we do that we need to look at improving accessibility in the town and providing a better environment, for everyone.

There’s the background. What’s the latest? Here’s a run down of work that’s happened so far, where the initiative is at now and what’s to come next.

First up was to trial a reduced traffic zone on Market Jew Street. This means only buses and taxis can go up the street between 11am and 4pm each day. The rest of the time it is access as usual. This is what’s called an ‘experimental traffic order’ which means it’s a live consultation. The results of the trial will be assessed in the next six months.

Next up was to look at starting to reduce unnecessary traffic in the town centre and slow down the cars which were still coming through town. Pedestrian and cycle safety is also part of this bit, focusing on the prom and making it easier to cross the main road to access town and/or the prom. There was a public consultation on this in March 2021 and the results are out.

What we’ll be getting:

  • A new 20mph speed limit in Penzance town centre and the residential areas up to Alexandra Road;
  • Modified road signage directing more traffic to the town centre car parks, and through traffic to use the A30 and the existing primary route network as intended
  • Three new uncontrolled crossings on Alexandra Road to improve access and movement for pedestrians
  • Three new uncontrolled pedestrian crossing on Western Promenade Road
  • New speed monitoring and signage on New Road, Newlyn to reduce traffic speeds travelling towards Newlyn

The work will be part funded through some of the money awarded to Cornwall Council from the Government’s Active Travel Fund, with the remainder of the funding being sought from the Town Deal Sustainable Transport package.

You can get the full detail including how the public consultation shaped the final scheme here

Three things you can do to help:

  • Check out Healthy Streets and Town Deal and join our platforms for the latest on how PZ is working on cleaner and greener transport
  • Stay in touch with plans and consultations and have your say. Whether you agree or not … we need to know what you think
  • Start looking at how you can use your car(s) less. Some starters:
    • Make a list of short journeys you could do on foot or bike, and try it.
    • Group errands so you’re only doing one car trip, rather than lots of little trips
    • Liftshare as often as possible