What’s Your Vision?

Penzance is brilliant. We know there are a few people who think it isn’t. But we believe it is. It’s brilliant because of so many things; an inspiring and beautiful location right by the ocean and moors, a fascinating history, architectural and cultural presence, a great offer of independent businesses and services, an authentic creative scene and, well, a good dose of chutzpah.

We are lucky to be a Cornish town that is still a real working town, avoiding so far the gentrification and tourist wash others have become victim to. But that doesn’t come easy and to live here isn’t always easy. It requires ingenuity, hard work and resilience. For the richness of people, character and place there is a flip side of poverty and inequality.

That’s why our vision is about people AND planet. We want to help create a town that is resilient and works for everyone. We believe that the root of most of the issues our community, and the wider global community, faces are down to a breakdown in connection, with each other and the planet.

An economy that puts profit and growth before anything else, that sees us and plays us as consumers, serves very few people. As we look at how we can tackle growing inequality and adapt to things like climate breakdown – stronger communities that look after and sustain themselves, in connection with where they are and who lives there, are vital.

We also get depressed with doom and gloom.

Yes, it’s pretty scary what’s going on right now and we are walking an increasingly thin line. But we DO have a choice at the moment. We can choose a different future. And that’s what we want to focus on … creating positive pictures of what the future could be and how we can all work together to get there.

So much is already happening; from innovative business solutions and a switch in decision-making processes to community grassroots action. Whether you believe in climate breakdown and mass extinction or not, we can just choose to create a better place to be and live.

As a starting point we’ve taken ten themes and we have ‘visions’ for each. Click on each below, listed in no particular order, to find out more about them:

Decision Making

But we want your ideas too. We are busy creating vision boards for each of the themes and would love to hear what your vision for Penzance is around them, so please do send them in to us

And if you’re an artist or graphic designer who would like to help, let us know. This is a totally volunteer based venture and it is open for the whole community to support.

Next time … Why Penzance is doing things differently – and getting noticed for it.