We are super pleased that the town has been awarded £21.5m through the Town’s Deal Fund.

Sustainable PZ sit as a community representative on the board for this vital funding pot for the future of the town – and you can read here how people and planet are already featuring much higher up the pecking order than they ever have done before in decision making.

Now the real work starts in delivering a suite of projects for the town which include:

  • Modernisation of PZ harbour
  • Sustainable transport networks and infrastructure
  • A marine training facility in Newlyn
  • An exciting new leisure facility
  • Regeneration of key empty buildings
  • Skills, innovation and training support
  • Arts and culture projects which will protect and restore assets

Each project was scored on an innovative new system combining Doughnut Economics with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They will continue to have to meet sustainability criteria as they are moved forwards.

There’s now a year to get all of the projects worked up and release the cash … a process in which we will do our best to make sure the golden thread that has run through the application – that of putting people and planet first – continues.

We have already seen the Town Deal Accelerator Fund pay for the new outdoor gym at Wherrytown, and a Shop Mobility scheme for the town centre along with a network of bike storage hubs are also on their way.

And off the back of £10m in Future High Streets funding, £4.5m for the Creative Arts Hub and almost £3m for the EXPERIENCE project … including more improved cycle routes … well the future is looking a lot brighter.

It’s a pivotal time for the town. Let’s continue to be a beacon of how we can choose to look at things and deliver things in a different way.

Read the full Town Investment Plan here