One reason why Sustainable PZ was created was to help pull together all the amazing work that’s happening in our town to put people, place and planet first. Our local, independent businesses are the heart of our community and have been trailblazers nationally via the Plastic Free PZ movement.

We wanted to be able to help support the ongoing journey, and thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund, we have been able to launch a six month fully-funded program for businesses in PZ.

Launching on September 30th at the Hypatia Trust, we introduced to the Together For Our Planet (TFOP) workshop and had a great turnout of local like-minded businesses.

If you’ve not yet signed up to the initiative, it’s not to late. Just click here

Energy Workshop

Our first workshop for TFOP looked at Energy, with guest speakers and experts to help unpick the energy issue: the cost to businesses and the environment, consumption levels, and what businesses can do right now to mitigate.

The point of the workshops is to look at how we can be more resilient as a business community and get acting now to avoid more challenges that at heading our way.

How much energy we use and where we get it from is key to creating a fairer, more affordable and cleaner way of living, working and doing business in PZ. So, we came together to learn more about the energy problem, see what we can do right now and help that’s available and then discussed how we can work together to create a new way forward.

A big thank you to our whole panel of experts who came and spoke on this vital issue.

Transition Penwith, AMR Consultancy, Mat Green and Kevin Smith from Wadebridge Renewable Energy Network (WREN)  

Everything discussed in the workshops goes forward to shape a toolkit for local businesses – which they will also draw up with us at the end of the workshop series.


Our next workshop focused on transport and we had guest speakers who came along to show current transport projects & plans for the town, talk about future solutions and work out what businesses can do right now to prepare for continuing rising fuel costs and a low carbon future.

Tackling the transport issue is vital, on both a global and local level. On road transport is Cornwall’s biggest carbon emitter. We have to act now to reduce emissions from traffic by 80%, if we stand a chance of hitting net zero.

So, Cornwall Council came along to go through current plans and future opportunities for the town and this was followed up with a session from RideOn e-bikes on alternatives for local businesses. That included e-cargo bikes which could be a huge win in terms of short journeys, deliveries, laundry runs and more.

Scarlet Wines gave a case study on how they’re made the switch to e cargo and electric, with brilliant results. And there was much discussion over how Penzance can continue to lead the way when it comes to creating a town that is attractive and accessible to all … not just cars.

What’s Next?

We’ll be back in the new year with workshops on Carbon Accounting and why businesses will be required by law to do it, how you can do it and what it all means. Then we’ll look at Food and Waste … before we hold sessions to pull together all the feedback and actions drawn up from businesses at the workshops into a toolkit for the whole town.

Running alongside all of this we are trialing a Carbon Dashboard with some businesses in the town, which we will also reveal the results of in the spring as we launch the new toolkit and online hub for businesses in PZ.

If you haven’t signed up yet, it is not too late… Click this link to join the fully-funded program, learn more about the challenges coming our way, how we can mitigate them and have your say on a town wide business action plan >>

Huge thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund for helping make this happen for our town and supporting businesses to be more resilient