With the recent eye opening IPCC report, COP26 in full swing from 1st – 12th November, and global concerns to meet Net Zero targets, never before has the environment been more of a hot topic. But how can we help as a community? It’s all so big.

As you know, at Sustainable Penzance we aim to empower the community to take the action needed and build resilience in the face of climate and environment crisis. So in line with the much awaited COP26 event (The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference), we will be coming together to support the climate justice movement and look at the kind of future you’d like to see for the town.


With synchronised swimming. Bear with us! And read on.

Sustainable Penzance has partnered with Penzance’s brand new synchronised swim group, ‘Out of Sink’, to hold ‘Tide’s Reach 2050’. The event is one of hundreds taking part across the UK to support the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice.

The free event at the Jubilee Pool on Saturday 6th November will see the swimmers’ first ever performance. To get to the pool they will ‘swim’ through the streets of Penzance showing where the new tide and flood line will be, if we don’t take action now on carbon emissions, rising temperatures and therefore rising sea levels and the changes to wave patterns that will result.

Led by well-known local performer Mary Woodvine, the swim team plan to transport us to an underwater Penzance in 2050 by staging the  ‘land swim’, to raise awareness of the impact of the climate crisis on rising tides in Penzance – and around the world. By performing in areas that may be underwater in 2050, they hope to encourage those in power to take action to prevent climate change.

The team will be ‘swimming’ past essential local facilities and others that could be at risk of being flooded by 2050, including the much loved Jubilee Pool itself. The group will then perform their routine to the public in the water as the finale.

What Sustainable Penzance will be doing on the day

After the ‘Out of Sink’ land swim and performance, Sustainable Penzance will be running free ‘Vision Workshops’ in the community room at Jubilee Pool. The family friendly workshops will be encouraging locals to express what kind of future they want to see in the town, from an environmental standpoint.

Asking kids (and adults) to get their creative juices flowing, the workshops will see guests creating large vision boards showcasing what people want the town to look like, whether that’s the town planting more trees, featuring more renewable energy, more homes growing their own food, or even showcasing ways that we can further protect wildlife on the prom.

In the lead up to this event, the team have also been working with pupils at St Mary’s school to imagine life in 2050 and create artwork to reflect this, which will be exhibited for the first time at Tide’s Reach 2050.

As well as the workshops, this will be a chance for Sustainable Penzance to talk about our core 10 themes that we work on as an initiative, including everything from waste, transport, energy and food. You can find out more about the 10 themes on the Sustainable Penzance website here.

Plastic Free Penzance, Sustainable PZ’s flagship community initiative, will also have a stand there on the day, driving awareness around ocean protection and what we can do now to keep our beaches and town free from pollution. You can find out more about what Plastic Free PZ is up to on the website

Image credit: Steve Tanner, Shout LOUDER

How to get involved

  1. Join us at the event

First of all, we’d love for families to come down and join us on the day, to not only support the Climate Justice Movement, but we also want to hear from you on how you think Penzance can work together to make positive changes.

  1. Call on local MP Derek Thomas to do more on Climate Crisis and rising sea levels

We’re asking locals to fill out a letter to local MP, Derek Thomas, to ask him to take more action on the local impacts we are facing thanks to climate change but also to support global climate justice. What’s that? Read up here

We’ll be asking Derek Thomas to help our community choose more sustainable and regenerative ways of living and doing business, through using his position in government to stand up for what is fair and right not just in the UK, but around the world.

As a local constituent, we will be urging him to act on the COP26 Coalition’s three calls to action and also apply them locally.

If you would like to support our actions towards making changes in Penzance, then you can download the letter template to send to the MP here.

  1. Download our Personal Action Plan

The Personal Action Plan aims to not only inspire people in Penzance on what they can do in their everyday lives to help save our environment, but also encourages them to get involved and kick start their journey.

The plan offers simple ‘Starters for 10’ that we can implement into our daily routine, such as shopping local, eating veggie for one day a week and switching to LED light bulbs, to deeper actions around our ten themes.  D

Download a copy of the Personal Action Plan, here.

We hope to see you at Jubilee Pool at Midday on Saturday 6th November.

If you want to spread the word or share the positive changes you are making, please follow us on @sustainablepz.