Woman hugging tree

Here Come Another Bunch of Tree Huggers, right?


We do love trees – that is true.

We don’t hug them (very often) and we don’t tie ourselves to them either.

What we do recognise is that, for all sorts of reasons, our communities and environment are under immense pressure. The two are inextricably linked and creating a better future is about tackling root causes, not sticking on increasingly un-sticky plasters.

We’re called Sustainable Penzance because we want to be part of the solution. We want to help create a town that is resilient and works for everyone, without damaging the environment.

One where the economy works for the many, not the few, and a place where health, wellbeing and our connection to nature are nurtured, valued and protected. A thriving community that is based on regenerative and sustainable practice and a new economy that builds resilience and puts people and planet first.

So what are our aims?

Sustainable PZ has been set up in response to the need to co-ordinate and strengthen the great work that is happening in our community to protect the environment and create a more sustainable way of living, working and doing business.

We work in three ways:

  1. Community Info & Action
    Our online portal, resources, workshops and information aim to empower everyone in the community to get involved and take action to lower impact, connect to nature … and each other. Check out the initial toolkits here keep an eye on our social media or sign up to the newsletter here for on-going info, tips and what’s on offer.
  2. Community Collaboration
    There are so many brilliant organisations already doing brilliant things in the town. We want to help strengthen that work, bring it all together and create a coherent approach; where wheels aren’t reinvented, decision makers know about and support existing work and we can spot gaps where new projects can make positive impact.
  3. Community Decision-Making
    So you’ve got to be at the table right? If you want change you can kick up a fuss, but in the end you have to put your money where your mouth is. So we sit at the table. We work with decision makers and stakeholders to get people and planet top of the agenda. We ask questions, explore different approaches and hold to account. Big change doesn’t happen overnight but if the will and heart is there, change will indeed come.

You can find out more about the the ten themes we work on here. We are busy creating vision boards for each of them and would love to hear your ideas, so please do send them in to us.

We are still adding all the fabulous work already underway in the community to this online portal too, so if your project or activity would like to be added please email us at 


Next time … What’s Your Vision for Penzance?