The Penzance guide to Easter holidays

This month there’s two bank holidays to enjoy and schools are on Easter break, so we’ve put together a list of events in and around Penzance to enjoy this month for both kids and adults.

Whether you’re looking to get closer to nature, or want to keep the little ones busy while exploring our local area, there’s something for everyone — and, best of all, you can do it all with sustainability in mind.

Family-friendly events:

Penwith Circle Family Walk
7 April: Penwith Circle is hosting a series of walks around our stunning local landscapes this spring.The first walk is for all the family, and explores the ancient landscape around the Mên-an-Tol. Archaeological expert Laura Ratcliffe-Warren guides this walk. Find out more.

Easter egg hunts at Trengwainton Garden, National Trust
10-24 April: Make your way along the trail, finding nature-inspired activities for the whole family. Follow the trail around the Trengwainton Garden…with a Rainforest Alliance chocolate egg waiting at the end. Find out more.

Sewage pollution protest on Fistral Beach, Newquay
23 April: Join people all across Cornwall coming together to send a message to South West Water: it must end sewage pollution. It’s part of Surfers Against Sewage’s 12 protests across the UK. Each targeting one local water company. Find out more.

Events for adults:

Dynamic Dunescapes: Introduction to Botany
6 April: Learn more about our local plants with this free botany training from the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. Learn how to tell some of the major plant families from one another at Gwithian’s sand dunes. Find out more.

Last chance: join our community workshop
9 April: We’re hosting a workshop for community groups to strengthen and support all our work and spaces are now limited. It’s your last chance to grab a space for our community workshop. Sign up for your space now

Save the date: Beach clean on Sunday 8th May 
It’s time for a spring (beach) clean! Let’s get out on the beach and pick up plastic and other rubbish for our Million Mile Clean. Join our beach clean email list and we’ll keep you informed on this and other local beach cleans.

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Join our business list
We’ve thrilled to get almost 10k National Lottery funding to support local businesses. Our resilience programme will help businesses adapt and cut their environmental impact through resources, workshops and events. Join our business list to be first to know about the programme.

Want your local events in and around Penzance (that bring people closer to nature and their local community?) send us an email.

We’ve got 10k Lottery funding to support local business

BREAKING NEWS! We just received National Lottery funding from the Together for Our Planet fund to support local businesses. 💚🙌🌍

We’re thrilled to bring almost £10k to Penzance, Cornwall to support businesses in the face of a host of challenges.

The resilience programme will help local businesses adapt and cut their environmental impact through resources, workshops and events … and we’ll help them monitor their carbon reductions too.

Want more information on the business resilience programme for Penzance, Cornwall? Join our email list and we’ll be in touch.

Huge thanks to the The National Lottery Community Fund for helping us support local businesses like this.

Thanks to Love Penzance for the image.

Penzance wildlife: 5 animals to spot on Cornwall’s coast

With an RSPB reserve and a Marine Conservation Zone on our doorstep, Penzance and the surrounding area is home to incredible and important wildlife.

These amazing animals are a powerful reminder of why living sustainability is so important – let’s protect their home and keep Penzance a stunning place to live for us all.

Here’s six of our favourite animals to spot in and around Penzance, whether you’re visiting on holiday or exploring your local area. Remember to always keep your distance from wildlife and leave only footprints behind.


Brown and white otter looking to the right, showing its whiskers and claws

Otters are fast becoming one of Cornwall’s most loved species to spot. Marazion Marsh and Mousehole seafront are two of the local places where these adorable critters fish and swim through the waves.

If these wonderful mammals are in your local area, you’ll spot their footprints (with 4 or 5 toes around a large food pad) in soft mud or gravel. You may be able to spot their webbed feet marks in soft mud. It’s this webbing that helps them glide through the water with ease.


Black bird with orange beak and feet

These beautiful birds are a proud symbol of Cornwall, although the last true Cornish chough died in the 1970s. Absent for decades, at the turn of the millennium the ‘Cornish crows’ made their natural return. A handful of choughs took up residence once again in Cornwall’s cliffs on The Lizard. One pair nested and the first wild choughs were born in 2002 for the first time in 50 years. This founding pair raised an incredible 46 chicks in total – what an amazing legacy.

The Cornish Chough Conservation Network is doing brilliant work protecting and monitoring choughs. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these charming choughs.

Choughs have been spotted in Penwith between Pendeen and Gwennap Head, with the Cot Valley, another place to watch for these incredible birds. Lucky enough to see a chough in Cornwall? Email Cornwall Birdwatching and Preservation Society (CBWPS) at

Purple sandpiper

Bird with long yellow / brown beak and brown / grey head

The wet and windy Cornish coast might not be everyone’s idea of the perfect winter holiday spot, but it’s milder than the Scandinavian and Arctic climate Purple sandpipers travel from for the colder months.

You’ll find these small shorebirds foraging on rocky coasts, like around Penzance’s harbour and Battery Rocks, near Jubilee Pool. These superb sandpipers can be identified by their brown/grey head and back, with a white underside with dark streaks. They also have orange/yellow short legs, and a yellow (at the base) bill which curves downwards.

Stalked jellyfish

Star shape creature with a stalk, seven legs and mini tentacles coming from each leg

If you’re rockpooling around Penzance’s coast, or further afield in Cornwall, keep your eyes peeled for stalked jellyfish. Not what typically comes to mind when we think of a jellyfish, the stalked kind are star-shaped (from above) or bell-shaped (from the side) – depending on your view. They have a stalk with a sucker keeping them anchored into position on seaweed or the seabed, with eight arms used to catch prey. 

As stalked jellyfish numbers are declining around the UK, they are a priority species for conservation. Mounts Bay’s sheltered shores are an important site for these rare jellyfish with five different stalked jellyfish species found here. Mounts Bay Marine Group is working to protect this vital habitat for these species and others like the giant goby, plus bring people closer to our local precious wildlife.

Grey heron

Whether you’re a keen birdwatcher or a casual wildlife enthusiast, you won’t want to miss a trip to Marazion March. Not only is the marsh worth visiting for the stunning views of St. Michael’s Mount, it’s also an RSPB reserve where you can see amazing bird species. The majestic grey heron is just one of the birds you’ll spot here. When their long necks are stretched out searching for food, they are easily recognisable. These birds are known for their unusual behaviour of nesting on the ground, the only herons in the UK to do this. Watching grey herons in flight is an incredible sight.

Bonus: The Marsh is also becoming a popular spot in Autumn/Winter at sunset to witness thousands of common starlings forming dazzling ‘murmurations’ (swirling, cloud-like displays formed by birds in the sky) – one of the biggest in West Cornwall.

What are your favourite animals to spot in and around Penzance?

Huge thanks to the following organisations for their amazing animal facts:
Cornwall Birdwatching and Preservation Society
Wildlife Trusts
Love Penzance
Operation Though
Mounts Bay Marine Group

5 things to look forward to in Penzance in 2022

It’s safe to say we’re in challenging times. Who’d have believed two years ago we were about to spend the next couple of years in and out of lockdowns, with schools, travel and businesses closed?

While we’re not out of the pandemic yet, we’re now entering the ‘new normal’: uncertainty remains, but Penzance continues to show resilience.

As the town bounces back, here’s some things to look forward to in Penzance this year:

Town Deal Fund

PZ Town Deal - photo of Penzance town with cars passing

Last year, it was confirmed Penzance and Newlyn would be awarded £21.5m from the Town Deal Fund to support regeneration of the local area. This year, work begins on several projects, including a more sustainable transport network and bringing key buildings back into use in the community.

Sustainable Penzance is a community representative on the board, so we’ll be seeing the business cases as they come in and how they’ll help create a thriving town that puts people and planet first. You can get the latest updates via our blog.

Healthy Streets PZ

People walking across zebra crossings on Penzance's high street

Healthy Streets PZ is already well underway. Work on making the Western Prom, followed by Alexander Road, more pedestrian-friendly starts in the next couple of months. Traffic flow and parking will also be improved in Alexander Road.

As part of Town Deal, several streetscape projects are in the pipeline as well as a cycle lane network connecting homes, schools and businesses. Work to encourage alternative modes of transport into the town is due to start and much more. Get the lowdown.

Golowan Festival

Reall large handmade lion model among crowds of people on Penzance's streets
Image: John Stedman

Our favourite festival of the year returns to Penzance’s streets this summer after a two-year hiatus. Golowan is no doubt one of Penzance’s most anticipated events, enjoyed by thousands and culminating in the biggest day of celebration – Mazey Day.

While the event took place on a much smaller scale in 2021, it’s hoped this year the festival will be back to hosting a full schedule of traditional events.

We’re excited to be working in partnership with the team again, reducing its impact through plastic-free and other environmental initiatives. We’ll need help, so look out for volunteer opportunities as we get closer to the time.

Community Collaborations

As Sustainable Penzance grows, we’re excited to host more workshops in 2022. We’ll continue to join people together through Plastic Free Penzance and we’ll also focus on bringing together organisations and individuals working on environment projects across the town, so we can be even stronger.

Three people and a child stand outside the Granary shop in penzance surrounded by free produce not wrapped in plastic

The Gardener’s House project is gathering pace, which will provide a green hub for the town amongst other fantastic community opportunities. And we will be looking for inspirational project leads to support our growth. Keep your eyes peeled and help us build towards a more sustainable future for Penzance.

Community Events

Young male wearing shortrs and a tee shirt uses a litter picker and white bag to collect plastic pollution walking along a beach next to rocks

Starting as we mean to carry on, our first event of the year is already open. The O C E A N | Exhibition for Change at the Mor Swimmy Wild Swim Hub is raising funds for plastic-free initiatives in town. It includes an Ocean Film Night on 21st January, screening one of our favourites ‘North of the Sun’. Book your spot.

Beach & street cleans start back up in February as we kickstart our contribution to Surfers Against Sewage’s Million Mile Clean. Our community cleans are more than just a plastic pick up, this year we will continue to collect evidence on the biggest polluters to support research and lobby industry and government through SAS campaigns.

Look out for us at other community events too – as we spread the message that we can create a better future for our town.

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