We’re creating, buying and chucking out mountains of stuff on a consumer conveyor belt. Let’s create a circular economy to stop the flow of rubbish that is choking the planet.

The Vision

A town where we only use what we need, resources are shared and everything has ongoing use.

There’s an end to the take, make and throw out economy; a circular economy exists with community wide benefits.

We fix, re-purpose and reuse, dealing with waste responsibly and freeing ourselves of false solutions.

Innovation reigns and our new economy thrives on it. Our environment is clean, pollutant free and is regenerating.

Waste not want not has never meant so much, and we can all start today by being more mindful of what we buy and use. 

How to Help

Question consumerism. What are you buying, why and where will it end up? Our money has a huge impact and we have the power over where and how we spend it. Refuse, reduce, reuse and rethink:

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