We’re pumping out more carbon than the world can take, and we’re decimating the planet’s natural systems to deal with it. We need to get around … but we need to do it differently.

The Vision

Imagine a town where we don’t rely on cars all the time.

Where the air is clean, you can hear birdsong and the sea. You feel safe to walk and bike the streets.

You can arrive and move around on regular loop services of affordable, electric Hoppas.

There are dedicated bike lanes and storage with safe routes to homes, schools and businesses.

The streetscape is designed for people, not cars, but remains accessible with mobility options for all.

There’s a town-wide electric car charging network and electric deliveries with an out of town hub.

People arrive by bus or train and connect with innovative services to destinations within and around the town.

It’s a cleaner, healthier and accessible future that brings life back into our streets.

How to Help

Leave car journeys for those who really need them by lift sharing, using the train and bus, or walking and biking. Services aren’t perfect right now, but by using them and supporting projects to improve things we can create what we need.

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