We are lucky to live in such a beautiful place. How do we share it so it is protected, respected and we don’t rely on a high impact visitor economy? Sustainability and resilience is key.

The Vision

Think of a future where the capacity of our roads, beauty spots and housing isn’t being taken to breaking point.

Where there is year-round steady tourism supporting livelihoods in the town, but it is part of a varied local economy.

People can easily and cheaply arrive on train, by boat or leave their cars in out of town hubs.

Accommodation and activities connect visitors to the local environment and wider area, contributing to their regeneration and protection.

Where homes and jobs are protected to maintain our community and sense of place as a working, sustainable town.

How to Help

We can start to do things differently. Take the train rather than plane, discover more of the UK and support changes towards a sustainable visitor economy. See our charter:

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