The eco-system is a wonderful thing, keeping all things in balance. Habitat and species loss are one of the greatest threats we face. Let’s reverse it!

The Vision

We are so lucky to live where we do, surrounded by ocean, flora and fauna. Now imagine it super-charged!

Where wildflowers, trees and wildlife permeate the town and exist hand in hand with our way of life.

Coastal management, marine protected zones and ocean re-wildling restores the planet’s natural carbon sucking technology

Development is in tune with vital natural resources, increasing and protecting them in order to protect us.

And we are linked by wildlife to other communities, creating a blanket of natural wonder … and defence.

How to Help

Plant, grow and get involved! There are lots of projects and tons of information out there on how you can re-wild your own patch of Penzance. You could even set up your own street project:

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