Food security is key and we are in a brilliant position to be a fully self-sustaining community using regenerative and innovative approaches to food production and distribution.

The Vision

In a nutshell, a town that feeds itself and there is enough for everyone.

Picture fields of veg, fruit, flowers, herbs and the like … all providing local income and food for the whole community.

Regenerative farming practice is the norm and meat production is in tune with the land and animal nature.

There are easy to access allotments, orchards, growing schemes and training and skills programs.

We eat seasonally and have the knowledge and skills to use what nature provides all around us, responsibly.

Businesses supplying the population flourish – we are self sustaining.

How to Help

Start shopping in Penzance and look for local produce. If not available stick to British produce to reduce air miles. It will need a re-jig in eating habits but it’s do-able and much healthier. Find out how:

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