From renewable sources to community energy schemes we can revolutionise the way we create and use energy, and stop lining the pockets of global polluters.

The Vision

Imagine a world where energy isn’t polluting the atmosphere in order to line the pockets of oil giants.

A town where we create our own energy and share it in the community, keeping costs down.

Where we use natural power sources like wind, solar, ground-source and wave power to light up the community and our local economy.

A future where there is equal access to heat, water and light, we only use what we need and what we take is replaced.

Creating a resilient, sustainable and kinder way to power-up our future.

How to Help

Switch to a green energy provider (one that isn’t linked to the oil giants) Reduce consumption at home and at work and look at how renewable sources can help you create your own energy in future.

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