Knowledge is power they say. For us it’s also connection. We need to reconnect with nature, understand issues and empower & embolden the next generation to protect what they love.

The Vision

This is why we’re doing this. Imaging a safe, healthy and happy future for our children and grandchildren.

One where there are opportunities for all and they live in a place that celebrates and encourages each one, their abilities and talents.

Where they find their sense of place and purpose in the world and are connected to nature and their local environment.

In that connection comes the desire and ability to protect the fine ecological balance that supports our lives. And to protect it for everyone.

A future in which we’re equipped with the skills, resilience and mindset to support each other and the community, no matter what we face.

How to Help

Check out our positive and empowering workshops for young people, as we work to give them a voice, support them and inspire them to help create a new, exciting future for the town. One they feel part of.