Saving the planet doesn’t mean sending the local economy down the pan. So, let’s do things differently with a revitalised economy that is responsible, resilient and sustainable.

The Vision

What if we brought things back home? Created a town and a community that serves and supports itself?

And in doing so made sure we act in a way that’s in tune with the environment and looked after each other.

Created opportunities, offered training, retained skills and became a leader in sustainable growth and regenerative economy.

Supported homegrown talent and services and welcomed new innovations in green tech.

Created a thriving and resilient town that supports, and is supported by, its whole community.

Consumerism and perpetual growth don’t work for any of us. There’s no need to pollute in the pursuit of healthy economy.

How to Help

Start now by shopping locally and supporting local businesses and services. Source locally produced goods and look out for businesses that are choosing a more sustainable way of operating and growing.